The multi-professional team

Our multi-professional team consists of staff from several professional backgrounds who have different areas of expertise. They are responsible for the management and care of the elderly, drawing up, implementing and monitoring in time the personalized plan. Furthermore, our experts endeavour to find the best possible strategies to improve the stay of the elderly in our facility (also through individual care plans).

Our multi-professional team meets weekly and is composed of:

  • social workers: they assess the needs, both known and unknown, of the family caregivers, building a relationship based on mutual understanding and trust. They are responsible for collecting the documentation required to provide the best response to the family’s wishes;

  • heads of unit: they are responsible for the residents’ satisfaction; therefore they ensure the delivery of a high quality of care to both the older people and to their family members, by promoting appropriate professional attitudes and behaviours;

  • consulting room nurse: he/she is the main consultant with regard to the personalized health care plan; he/she represents the contact point between each resident’s GP on one side and the facility on the other; she works hand in hand with physicians during examinations, she plans external appointments when referrals are needed, she is in charge of the medications supplies and she keeps the medical records of each resident up to date;

  • physiotherapist coordinator: he/she is the professional who, cooperating with the GP’s and the physiatrist, draws up the rehabilitation and mobility activities program of every resident;

  • recreational coordinator: he/she is the expert who is in charge of all occupational and recreational activities aiming at promoting socialization and personal exchanges in order to improve the older people well-being;

  • nursing coordinator: he/she ensures that shifts of all the qualified nursing staff are adequately covered in all units and that the care services provided comply with the shared personalized plan and interventions;

  • nursing assistants coordinator – ADEST/OSS: he/she is responsible for the accurate covering of all shifts and of the correct implementation of the daily care plans in every units;

  • psychologist: he/ she evaluates behavioural and social aspects of every resident, how they interact with each other and with their family members;

  • care manager and social supervisor: they are responsible for the management and the implementation of the residents care, accommodation, catering and custodial services.