Social and health home care

WHAT IT IS: Home care is aiming at helping elderly people to live independently at home in their usual environment.

The main purposes of this service are:

  1. to enable older people to remain at home avoiding admission into residential or nursing care home when not appropriate;

  2. to improve the quality of life of care recipients as well as that of their family members;

  3. to provide help and support to family caregivers;

  4. to widen the selection of care services that we provide

Our home care service is part of the many services offered by A.S.P. ITIS and lies within the framework of integrated services delivered by other social operators and thus it can be provided as:

  • temporary
  • integrated with other services
  • permanent

HOME CARE IS INTENDED FOR: disabled or vulnerable senior citizens and adults who are unable to deal with the activities of daily living independently.

HOW HOME CARE IS DELIVERED: a personalized care plan (PAI) will be drawn up in accordance with a multidisciplinary assessment and becomes operational only once the care recipient has subscribed to it.
Services identified by the personalized care plan are evaluated according to the type and the numbers of hours of care required and then distributed to the various caregivers depending on their timetable, who will then carry out the respective task.
Recipients must inform the “Servizio alla Persona” in advance about any likely absence calling on the working day before the day of absence, from Monday to Friday, before 1.30 p.m. Failure to do so implies that the cost of the service will be charged even if undelivered.

A.S.P. ITIS reserves the right to assess all home care activities and, if needed, even to make the reasoned decision of discontinuing the service if problems related either to the single person or to internal organization emerge. Recipients must be informed at least 24 hours in advance.
Please refer to internal rules and/or to our charter of rights and services as regards to anything not expressly mentioned above.

WHAT IT IS ABOUT AND HOW DOES IT WORK: home care service is based upon personalized care plans drawn up by a multi-professional in-house team in cooperation with the recipient and his/her family caregivers; social workers will keep a copy of the care plan in the medical record.
A person centred approach is fundamental and it aims at maintaining, recovering and supporting the abilities of the elderly to enable them to live as independently as possible.

Home care service provides the best possible solution to each person and/or his/her family’s needs for an independent living offering the following services: hygiene and personal care (getting out of bed, personal hygiene, helping with meals, dressing and appearance, and so on), maintaining the capabilities of the older people to perform daily activities independently (mobility of bedridden persons, provision of advise and support in the use of washing, dressing aids (and so on), and the planning of different types of services to improve the mobility and socialization of the elderly people.

Home care offers social care-type services since health care, medical and nursing care, as well as appropriate rehabilitation therapies, are not included; in any case, home care services may be integrated with other services according to the person’s needs, the available resources and the cooperation agreements with other authorities.
Daily living aids required for the home care service must be provided by care recipients and/or their family members. Home care service can be delivered at home or outside (for example: transfer from home to the doctor, to the day centre, and so on)

STAFF: home care caregivers are all professionals working within the network of services offered by A.S.P. ITIS. They are all qualified to provide a high quality service and to give advice and suggestions to relatives in order to offer the best possible response to the needs of the elderly. All operators must comply with the personalized plan, furthermore they have the duty of confidentiality as regards to information they gain knowledge during the provision of care, about personal situations or related to family members. The relationship between the caregiver on one side and the older people on the other is of professional nature and based on what the personalized plan states. All other requests not included in the plan, must be dealt with the professional caregiver related to that specific service.

SCHEDULE OF SERVICE: the service is available on all working days from Monday to Friday, from 7.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. approximately. The personalized plan identifies the type, the schedule and the number of hours services to be delivered. Minimum duration is one hour which can be increased depending on needs by adding periods of 30 minutes. It is agreed that the time dedicated to the first home care service in the morning and to the last in the evening covers also the time required by our caregivers to actually reach the home of the elderly from our facility on via Pascoli 31 and back.

HOW TO APPLY: applicants must hand in the following documentation to the office of “Servizio alla Persona”:

  1. home care application form;

  2. GP’s medical certificate written in the appropriate form stating the latest diagnosis and the current treatment (further previous medical documentation may be required).

A multidisciplinary team’s assessment is needed in order to be admitted to home care service. Our professionals will come and visit the elderly at their home in order to gather information and to draw up a personalized plan which will best suit the applicant’s needs.
Access to home care service follows the same procedure as other care services.
If appropriate application forms outnumber the availability of caregivers, a waiting list is made to establish the right of access to home care services according to the following priority criteria:

  1. person living alone;

  2. a burdensome social and health situation

  3. date of the application form

TIMING: once the overall documentation has been collected, it usually takes one week for the service to be delivered.

RATES: home care hourly rate is set annually in accordance with the balance sheets. The monthly rate depends on the number of hours required. In 2009, the price for custodial care services was € 18,00/ hour. A contract must be signed between the applicant/or the person who is eligible for the home care services, and the head of the office of “Servizio alla Persona” establishing the service conditions and terms of payment.

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medical home care certificate


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