Casa Rusconi

WHAT IT IS: the main purpose of “Casa Rusconi” is to offer appropriate housing and services to elderly people, both singles and couples, combining the possibility of keeping their own privacy and independence, with the reassuring conditions of living in a community. (similar to the Nordic nursing home scheme).

FACILITY: the building is set in the middle of a wide private garden, it is located on via della Valle 8 and it hosts 10 one-room flats and 10 two-room flats on five different floors. All flats are equipped with safety furniture and electric kitchen. The one-room flat consists of a sleeping area, a living area with kitchen and bathroom (about 30 m2) and it is intended for singles, whereas the two-room flat consists of one bedroom, a living area with kitchen and a bathroom (about 40 m2) and it is intended for an elderly couple. Services and activities provided by the day centre located on the ground floor of the same building are also available to residents if they wish to drop in.

SERVICES: the monthly charge covers the following services: central heating, hot water, electricity, cleaning of common spaces, monthly flat housekeeping, the opportunity to enjoy the communal lounge on the ground floor, the television room on the mezzanine and the garden.
The building is equipped with a telecare service; on demand this device can be available in every flat.
Public phones are available on the ground floor.

In addition and on demand, residents may take advantage of all services available at the attached community day centre: catering (lunch), laundry, personal care (hairdresser, barber and chiropodist service); residents interested in the above-mentioned services may apply to the local staff who are available in-house on Mondays and Thursdays from 10.00 a.m to 12.00 p.m, filling in the same form required for the day centres admission.

ACTIVITIES: a wide range of recreational activities are available at the day centre located on the ground floor: outings and guided tours, screening of movies, operas and documentaries, artistic and decorating workshops based on the use of different materials and techniques, dressmaking workshops, musical entertainment and cultural events.

HOW TO APPLY: applicants must fill in the relevant form and hand it over, along with their medical certificate and a recent copy of the pension slip, to the “Servizio alla Persona”, of A.S.P. ITIS (the social workers office is open to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.30 a.m to 11.30 a.m: alternatively it is also possible to make an appointment calling on 040 3736303).

Applicants must have their permanent address in Triest, being independent elderly, being able to pay for the monthly rent autonomously through their income (supporting evidence must be submitted) or through a financial aid guaranteed by a third part who commit themselves to do so.

TIMING: the assignment of a flat usually requires one month.


one-room flat 400 € per month
two-room flat 550 € per month
automation services flat mq. 47 650 € per month
automation services flat mq. 40 600 € per month
(heating, water, electricity, monthly housekeeping and telecare service if needed are included)

Optional services costs depend on residents’ income in line with the same rules and fees that apply to day centres.

For further information: you can either read the rules of “Casa Rusconi” or please call the office of “Servizio alla Persona ” on 040 3736303 or sending an email to

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Casa Rusconi application form


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