Respite care

WHAT IT IS: respite care has the purpose of helping the elderly to remain at home by supporting their family members when overwhelmed with daily caring. This type of care arises from the necessity to provide short-term and time-limited relief to families and elderly people who are experiencing temporary frail situations.

Respite care aims at assisting the elderly to recover functional capabilities in order to return home; as a consequence one the distinctive features of this service is a precise date of admission and of discharge.

Respite care lasts from five to forty five days at the longest; it must be planned and older people are admitted to the unit where their needs are best attended to in compliance with a multi-professional assessment.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: the disabled elderly who need short-term and temporary skilled care in a nursing home.

HOW TO APPLY: applicants must fill in a form and hand it over, along with their medical certificate written on the relevant form, the “BINA” form (disability score) provided by the local health service, a copy of their identity card and of their National Health Service Card, to the office of “Servizio alla Persona” (the on-site social workers office is open to public on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. alternatively it is also possible to make an appointment calling on 040 3736303).Applicants may be required to provide further social and health documentation.

Respite care admission is subject to:

  • elderly’ s consent, depending on his mental and physical conditions, or in case of ill-health, family caregivers’ consent

  • eligibility criteria met

  • assessment of the multi-professional team who will draw up the personalized plan of care

  • evidence that the care recipient is actually ready and willing to return home at the end of the respite stay

  • vacancy for the requested period


  • fees are the same as for the nursing home before tax; they are adjusted depending on the “BINA” score, increased by 6.4%, decreased by the per head and health part, and, by local council aid (see application form) provided one is entitled to it.

  • monthly fee must be paid in advance; no deposit is required.

  • medical and paramedical costs incurred during the period of the respite care are registered on the related form and delivered to families to claim tax relief.

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