Nursing home

WHAT IT IS: It is a nursing home which provides care for the disabled elderly offering accommodation services, social and recreational activities and, at the same time, providing medical care and rehabilitative therapies.
Our nursing home is intended for the disabled elderly whose living within their family is no longer appropriate, to offer them an alternative solution to hospital admission.

TYPES OF CARE: in order to meet the various needs of the residents, at A.S.P. ITIS we have tested different types of care:

  1. Respite care
  2. Temporary care
  3. Residential care

THE PHYLOSOPHY OF CARE: first of all it is essential for the on-site social worker to make an assessment of the prospective guest (the elderly person and /or family members). The aim of this meeting is to evaluate the known and the unknown needs of all members of the family, in order to identify the best possible solution taking into account also the community services available.

Once the family unit concerned has been taken into care and once the personal details and documents required have been collected, the head of the unit along with another member of the multidisciplinary team if necessary, will arrange a home visit. Its purpose is to establish a mutual relationship of trust between, the expert on one side, who will take into care the person concerned, and the elderly on the other, to get to know them better by observing their life style, their environment, in order to assess their functional capabilities and their psycho-physical resources and to check, on the spot, if the information previously provided is actually true.

The home visit outcome will be reported in the following multidisciplinary team meeting, where a joint assessment will lead to a personalized plan of care.
The head of the unit will take into care the elderly and their family members and he will ensure their follow up from the moment they are admitted in the nursing home and for the rest of their stay in the facility.

FACILITIES: our nursing home is situated in the A.S.P. ITIS building, on via Pascoli 31 and it offers 411 beds overall. It is made up of nine residential departments, each of them is named after a flower or a tree: in the original building of via Pascoli there are : Margherita, Ciclamino, Tulipano, Bucaneve, Iris, Stella Alpina and Narciso, whereas, in the nearby building which bears the name of “San Giusto”, via Conti, there are Quercia and Palma.
Every residential department is subdivided into units offering, on average, 30 beds.

UNITS: residential departments are made up of units. Basically they are all similar in terms of intensity of care and residents’ needs. Therefore admission to our nursing home is not based on vacancy of beds anywhere but rather on the multidisciplinary team evaluation who decide which unit they will be assigned to. Any resident can always be moved to another unit afterwards but only if the team of experts judge that this represents a better response to his needs.

THE PERSONALIZED PLAN OF CARE: the concept of task oriented care approach has been replaced by a person-centred care approach. This implies a good knowledge of all residents’ specific needs and of their potential capabilities and resources, establishing one or more goals to be achieved, deciding the best way to carry out interventions, the schedule, and lastly, the evaluation of outcome.

The head of the unit is responsible for the implementation of the individual plan of care.



Custodial care services: our nursing home provides 24 hour on-site care services above regional qualitative and quantitative standards, and they include:

  • in accordance with residents’ needs, one or two caregivers perform, help and/or supervise them during their activities of daily living (getting into and out of bed, ambulation, mobility, meals, etc.); they support the maintaining of residents’ capabilities or they help them to recover lost or reduced functional abilities;
  • toileting and grooming (a barber/ hairdresser and a chiropodist are also available), a neat and tidy appearance;
  • to encourage and promote all sorts of social, recreational and rehabilitative activities.

Social, recreational and psychological support services: to plan activities aimed at maintaining or recovering psycho-physical capabilities by a personalized plan of care based also on music and art therapy, on the Validation therapy and on individual psychological consultations; to offer leisure and social activities which include daily outings, concerts and cultural events, weekly movies and celebration of bank holidays and residents’ anniversaries.


Psychological support: an on-site psychological service is available mainly to support the planning, implementation and assessment of the personalized plan of care, but also to provide support to our residents, their families and caregivers. All experts work as a team, jointly the heads of unit and all other professionals.


Nursing care: 24 hour nursing care is provided and it includes regular checks of vital signs, administration of medications and treatments.



Physioterapeutic care: rehabilitative therapy is provided in the gym aiming at maintaining motor functional abilities as well as through bed treatments if the resident is confined to bed and repositioning for patients who cannot move autonomously.


Medical care: general, specialist, and pharmaceutical medical care is provided by our team of GPs who are present on-site Monday to Friday. We can organize medical appointments and referrals at the hospital and take care of the respective transfer.


Religious care: under an agreement with the local catholic authorities, a priest is available every day and a mass is celebrated in our Church dedicated to San Carlo Borromeo (at 4.15 p.m. from Monday to Friday and at 10.15 a.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).
Furthermore, on Sunday morning, in the library on the ground floor, an evangelical minister holds a religious function.


Accommodation and catering services include:

  • board: the in-house kitchen offers a selection between three different menus every day
  • lodging: most of the residential departments offer single/ shared rooms with ensuite w.c
  • making of beds, bed linen change, tiding up of clothes
  • laundry service for clothes, underwear and linen, daily cleaning of common spaces and bedrooms
  • an in-house bar is available to all residents as well as two vending machines (on the ground floor of the nursing home)
  • public phones are available to all residents in all facilities
  • newspapers: the most common local newspaper is available complimentary. In addition to this, personal subscriptions are also possible
  • tv sets and hi-fi systems are available in all units / residential departments; furthermore every day residents can watch television or movies on a big screen in the lounge on the ground floor.

New since 2007: in-house cafeteria.

For further information: you can check the “Carta dei servizi” (List of services) or you can call the office of “Servizio alla Persona” on 040 3736303 or you can send an email to